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News - What's Happening Right Now!

The pandemic changed everyone's life in so many ways and so few of those were positive. Things in the Film and TV industry are gradually getting back to 'normal'. That said, there are new changes that will likely stay as they are going forward. Auditions that used to take place 'in the room' are now all self taped or Zoom sessions. Working on set is different. Masks are an all day priority of course and understandably so. For me, coaching actors on set has change dramatically. For many months coaches were not allowed on set due to the proximity we worked with the actors in. For many months it was all Zoom which I'm so glad has changed! Being back on set was such a relief. I started back on a series called 'Dead Boy Detectives', coaching a fine young actor from the UK, Kassius Nelson who was number 3 on the cast list and had to 'talk American'. We were able to work on her dialect before shooting started and worked through from November into February with breaks for Covid and Christmas. It's a very new and different show which was based on its comic book following. We completed the pilot and will resume the series sometime in late summer 2022. From that I started on another new series, 'The Night Agent', coaching another terrific actor from Tonga, Luciane Buchanan. This looks to be an exciting new series with some new and some familiar actors. The first 10 episodes should come up before too long after production wraps within the next month. Keep an eye out for these two shows! 


I've been blessed with being able to have worked with a lot of Latin actors over the last few years and enjoyed all of those experiences...Alfonso Herrera, Alice Braga, Diego Luna, Joaquim de Almeida, Martha Higareda and Wagner Moura. Apart from their wonderful talents and dedication to their craft...they have all been such a pleasure to work with...beautiful human beings are they! It seems I can't watch a Netflix show without seeing at least one of them, and often more than one working together! 


Not sure what the rest of 2022  will bring. There will be new challenges and new people to meet. We'll still be dealing with the affects of the pandemic, but I'm hopeful it will continue to come under control and we can all enjoy 'the good old days' again.  

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