News - What's Happening Right Now!

I've just had a fantastic few months working with world renowned martial artist/actor from Indonesia, Iko Uwais. on a new Netfix series entitled, 'Wu Assassins'. Although Iko is famous for his stills as a martial artist, he also has been in quite a few movies where he began his acting career. Wu Assassins marks the first time Iko has taken on a lead role where all his dialogue is in English. I'm sure it will be a huge success as it stands to be different from anything we've seen to date on Netflix. Have a look on IMDB for the cast who played in Season 1 and you'll see many familiar names. Following that I did both the prep and beginning of another new series, 'Ink', where I had the privilege of coaching a very well known and well liked British actor, Jim Sturgess. Jim is playing the father role on this series and as is often the case in my world, had to 'talk American'. Not sure when that series is to hit the small screen but it should be another worth checking out. 


I've been blessed with being able to have worked with a lot of Latin actors over the last few years and enjoyed all of those experiences...Wagner Moura, Alice Braga, Diego Luna, Joaquim de Almeida, Martha Higareda and Alfonso Herrera. Apart from their wonderful talents and dedication to their craft...they have all been such a pleasure to work with...beautiful human beings are they! 


Not sure what 2019 will bring. It's a new year and there will be new challenges and new people to meet. I'll be doing some ADR work with Iko towards the end of January and Martha Higareda will be back for an episode of 'Altered Carbon - Season 2' so I'm hoping we'll have a chance to work together again. For those of you who still haven't seen it...Altered Carbon is another good watch on Netflix.